22 December 2009

Good ol' fashioned Nor'easter

We had a blizzard over the weekend. It started early in the morning Saturday the 19th and lasted until Sunday the 20th. We got two feet of snow. I feel like we're still digging out.

I'll be away from the internet for a bit.
Happy Holidays everyone!

16 December 2009

Dear Mr. President...

Manhattan Butterfly writes...

Dear President Obama,
I just got an email from you asking me to contact my Senators to vote for your piece of crap health care “reform” bill.
The link to reply was –like your administration – defective and so here I am replying through your website and putting it up on my blog for the world to read if they care to.

1) I already called Schumer and Gillibrand to let them know how outraged I am by the Senate bill you allowed Lieberman to control and shape. And that I strongly urged them to vote against any bill without real reform.

2) I am just one of a vast number of disillusioned and furious progressives you have managed to alienate in less than a year. These people like me voted for you, donated to your campaign and worked for your election because we wanted real change. You have bitterly disappointed us.

3) Glen Greenwald of salon.com got it right. This piece of garbage that you are calling “reform” is exactly what you wanted. It’s a gift to the insurance cartel and big pharma. What’s more, it’s an insult to my intelligence to think that I am fooled into thinking this is some step forward instead of what it really is: worse than what we have now.

4) You are not “mybarackobama.” That person was apparently an apparition. The reality is quite the letdown.

Russ Feingold said it: “This bill appears to be legislation that the president wanted in the first place.” With everything you’ve done, you’ve signaled that real reform was never your goal. If it had been single payer would never have been off the table. That would have been the place to start.
What’s clear is that you’re more than willing to strongarm Democrats when it comes to endless war, but not for your own populace who continue to suffer and die under this horrible system which puts profits over people.

And the proof of all this can be seen in your flipflop over Dorgan’s amendment. When you were a senator and candidate you were all for re-importation of drugs so that the American people wouldn’t be gouged by big pharma. And then as president you cut a secret deal with the gougers and suddenly you’re against the Dorgan amendment. And THAT you were able to work the Democratic caucus to vote against. But there was no similar effort on behalf of a strong public option.
You signaled from the start that you were willing to sign any pile of flaming poo that you could slap the word “reform” on so that you could pat yourself on the back and call it a success.
I am disgusted!

I couldn't agree with her more.

09 December 2009

Holiday Art Show & Party @ Parlor Gallery

I'm showing some photos at Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park...

I'm not sure I'm able to make the opening, but if you get a chance to stop at the gallery, please do check out my work (and the work of all the other artists).

These are the pieces...

02 December 2009


Funding a needless/useless/costly war over funding universal health care?
That makes TOTAL sense.

In a warped & parallel universe.

When will our elected officials wake the fuck up?