26 September 2011

I always carry a point & shoot around with me but since getting my iPhone, I've been making every effort to snap at least one photo a day. It's kind of sad that I usually have a camera on me and it took getting a new toy to force myself to shoot more. I can only shrug my shoulders and hope the novelty of taking a photo every day doesn't wear off.

20 September 2011

Cooler weather....

...means cookie baking time!

12 September 2011

Co-opting Michael Moore

I'm on Michael Moore's mailing list - he sent this out Sunday...

September 11th, 2011


There is not much more that needs to be said today. We all know how we felt on that day, and we all know what we've lost in this past decade. I said what I had to say about 9/11 seven years ago -- and thanks to some kind stranger who has posted it for free on YouTube, I'd like to share it with you again today.

Let's make the next decade one of peace.

Michael Moore

P.S. I'd also like to share this essay from former NY Times Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Chris Hedges. It is blunt and honest and worthy of reflection.

07 September 2011

Videos from Hurricane Irene

Not the greatest, but then again I work in still images, not moving.

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Photos from February 2011


It's nothing too serious, except that I used to be much better at getting photos out of my camera in a timely manner. I just downloaded images from my memory card dating back to January. To say I've been a little negligent in managing my photos is pretty accurate. I'll be posting links and images etc from the last several months over the course of the day.
Please check back for links...

02 September 2011

Dodged a MAJOR bullet

I am eternally grateful to the universe for sparing me & M a total shit storm in regards to Hurricane Irene. We didn't have to evacuate, in our home we never lost power, no big tree limbs fell in the backyard and the basement stayed dry.

Photos and videos of beach shots before and after the storm to follow soon.

Best wishes to all others affected by the storm - may you have a speedy and smooth recovery.