29 May 2009

I wish I could have one of these in my backyard

I sometimes wonder if I'm turning into a hippie? It's not that I'm all for free-love and psychotropics - it's more like I'm into trying to do things for myself, be more sustainable, get off the grid as much as a person living in a town like I do, can. I guess that would be my punk ethos then, yeah?

This fantastic contraption would go some of the way towards achieving that goal - don't you think?

What the hell is that you might ask? It's an Eglu, that's what!
As per Omlet, the UK company that designs and distributes this brilliance -

"We designed the eglu for the town garden, the first time chicken owner, the family and the eco-savvy individual. We wanted it to be as easy as looking after a goldfish but more rewarding than owning a dog (you get eggs with chickens!). Keeping a couple of chickens in your garden doesn't require a large investment of money or time, but you do get fantastic tasting eggs and a good feeling inside."

Alas, my very small backyard (I don't even think we have the required space) and lack of private area (due to our easement) prevents me from being able to have things like a chicken coop. Maybe when we move to Hawaii? Not maybe - definitely!

So mosey on over to Omlet UK and check them out!

photos courtesy of Omlet UK

23 May 2009

One of my worst fears...

The journalist and record keeper inside of me couldn't help but document this.
This is a neighbor's house across the street from me.
It's shot from my attic window.
Thankfully no one in the house, human or animal, was hurt.
Even though they've lived there for several years, we don't know them very well.
I hope only the best for them.

20 May 2009

Support your local surf photographer

I've been a fan of Brian Bielmann's work for a long time. On your travels around the internets, please go check him out here and here.

Beware the Potty Mouth

Not necessarily a good thing to play if you're at work or if you have kids in the room... But definitely play it SOMETIME. It's HILARIOUS!!!!

The Bouncing Souls: 20th Anniversary TV Spectacular Vol. 1 (Altpress.com Exclusive) from Alternative Press on Vimeo.

14 May 2009

Walk back a way...

15 July 1989

1992, Landlord's worst nightmare

1994, Hasn't changed a bit

11 May 2009

Aunt Jean...

8 May 2009
We'll miss you. The If Only... will be a little bit lonely without you.
Thanks for giving us such a beautiful day in your honor.

05 May 2009

Looking at fish is relaxing

There are worse views from a hospital window... at least there was the koi pond.