31 July 2009

Kind of forgot...

I shot these back in April when I was in Brooklyn. I remembered them this morning.

30 July 2009

lemon basil

I have a very small garden this year - I should probably photograph it, huh?
Anyway, I also have some herbs growing in pots and one of them is Lemon Basil.
Mix it with some fresh NJ summer fruits like raspberries, blueberries & peaches (plus, some flax seeds, shredded unsweetened coconut & slivered almonds) and you've got yourself something divine to eat!

I wish I could make all my food photos at work - they'd come out so much better than when I do it at home!

not much

I don't have much these days...
Sadly, I haven't taken a non work-related photo since last week. That's really, really pathetic actually.
However, I have been surfing most days. Sometimes twice a day - in the morning before work and then when I come home, before it gets dark. In between surf sessions, I'm commuting or at work. It doesn't leave time for much else. Therefor the fridge is getting bare and the laundry is piling up...
Tuesday night I did go to the movies with Christina. We saw the latest Harry Potter.
Otherwise, like I said, there's not a whole lot going on.
This weekend I'm determined to take some photos.
I shouldn't let so much time go by without at least one snap.
I'll see what I can squeeze in between more surfing. Gotta get the waves while they're here - I can do the rest when it's flat.

28 July 2009

Vanity Fair edits Sarah Palin

Vanity Fair edits Sarah Palin's resignation speech.

Hooooooboy! What a mess! But then again, that's Sarah Palin for you.

21 July 2009

grillin' & maxin'

The weekend of 11 July, Matt and Joanna came to visit... During the day we went to the beach (where we were blasted by 25mph Southerly winds buffeting us with LOADS of sand - we only lasted an hour!). Saturday night we had a BBQ and after, watched the UFC fights on Pay Per View. Good times, good times.

MDM is the Chief of Beef

A little DAB will do ya'

Good luck, MCA

It hurt my stomach a little bit when I heard about this - given my experiences with my dad. Best wishes, MCA. I hope they eradicate the sucker!

20 July 2009


Amanda brought these with her when she came to visit this weekend.
Don't they look like beautiful glass beads?

Shot outside in the sun

Shot inside with available light

14 July 2009

I hope I don't get in trouble for this

Sometimes work can be extra cool. Especially when they let me out of the studio...



I'm not sure I'm allowed to use some of these images - I'll take them down if they tell me to... I hope that doesn't happen.

UPDATE: Preemptively I've taken down some of the photos that might land me in hot water... So if you notice the post looks different, that's why. I'd really prefer to stay out of that kind of trouble.

02 July 2009

Thursday morning - Brooklyn

I stayed in Brooklyn last night with Lizzie and Christian. This is how my room looked this morning when I woke up. It was such a lovely time.