28 October 2009


The other day I was walking back from Union Square to my office and passed this bar...

22 October 2009

VOTE FOR ME, please

I have entered some of my photos into a contest.
You can find them here.
Once you get to The Surfing Site Photo Contest page, please click VOTE NOW.
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You may select 5 images, every day, until November 20th.

(There is no rhyme or reason to how the photos are listed on the voting page - every day it's different)

Thanks for your support!

12 October 2009

Photo by Ann Coen for our 10th Wedding Anniversary. More images to come from Ann when wedding season slows down. I can't wait to see the rest.

08 October 2009

POP - it ain't just a carbonated beverage

As per Jane Hamsher at FDL...

"We're announcing the creation of Public Option Please, a non-profit organization dedicated to ongoing advocacy for universal health care. The director of the project is Eve Gittelson, NYCEve, whose advocacy for Nataline Sarkisian was key to getting CIGNA to reverse their decision after they denied her a liver transplant."

Public Option Please (POP): Because Health Care Is A Human Right

What is POP?

Public Option Please is a grassroots organization committed to the goal of guaranteed and affordable health care for all Americans.

We believe that health care is a human right; and, like President Obama, we support the creation of public health insurance program: the public option.

Moving commentary

From The Urban Politico - and I can't agree more...

"Tonight (Wednesday, 7 October 2009) Keith Olbermann dedicated his entire hour to a Special Comment on Healthcare Reform. It was very moving and he spoke about his own experiences both with his mother who passed away just this past year and his father who has had some serious medical problems very recently. I think it is a must see."

The whole show is broken up into five parts and it is worth watching every single second of every single segment. The end is so moving it brought me to tears. As it also did for Keith Olbermann.

Please watch it by clicking here or see the embedded videos below.





05 October 2009

Sunny days and pizza

Today was a nice day - sunny and seasonably temperate - I should have taken advantage of it and gone out for a quick walk around the block. But sometimes when I'm at work, I don't want to go outside. I feel like if I walk out the door, I'm just going to want to keep walking until I get to the subway and then the bus station and then home. I like home. I don't get to spend enough time there....................

Quite a while back I bought some Bob's Red Mill G/F Pizza Crust mix. It's been sitting in my freezer - until recently it was too hot to turn on the oven. I was kind of nervous to make this mix, since it would be my first foray into baking with yeast. Plus, the directions aren't that specific. I wrote this to my friend Stephanie the other day while I was waiting for the dough to rise...

"My dough still doesn't look like it's rising and it's been more than 20 minutes. I'm wondering if I didn't proof the yeast long enough? The directions on the bag said "for a few minutes" what the fuck does that mean? I thought baking was a precise science?"

I probably should have photographed the rising dough and the whole first part of the baking process... you have to bake the crust first and then take it out and put on the toppings and then bake it again.

The first batch didn't puff up too too much, and I took a chance by putting it on my pizza stone and it turned out okay. It was a good color when I removed it from the oven although I should have smoothed it out a bit more... it was a thicker crust than what I really like... but I topped it with sauce from Vic's, chevre and fresh basil from Kate's garden.

When it came out of the oven the second time all nicely decorated, I couldn't wait to eat it. It has been months since I've had pizza! MONTHS! It's one of the few things I miss most about not eating gluten any more. And now I don't have to miss it any longer. I CAN MAKE MY OWN AND IT WILL BE DELICIOUS!!!

I am a happy girl.