11 September 2006

Five Years

I can't watch TV today or listen to the radio. Surrounding the fifth anniversary events of 9/11/2001... I don't need to be reminded, it's with me every day.

I was born in NYC and lived in NJ practically my whole life. I work in NYC.

Every time I go through the Lincoln or Holland Tunnel or take the subway, I think about 9/11.

Every day when I leave NYC on the bus home I look at the skyline of the city and notice what is not there.

If it weren't for the brisk wind blowing today, the weather is EXACTLY the same as it was on 9/11/2001. Sunny, bright, crisp with a touch of the coming fall.

I am fortunate not to have lost a dear loved one that day... And not that I took life for granted before that, but now every day before I leave the house for work, I kiss my husband and say, "I'll see you later" and hope that it's true. I never leave him without that kiss... it could be our last.

I hope everyone takes some time today to tell at least one person they love, how much they mean to them and their life. You never know...

Peace be with us all.

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