23 July 2007

be offensive by going on the offensive

There's a great read over at Fire Dog Lake (one of my favorite blogs, I might add) where a person with the moniker Ghostman wrote the following comment responding to a post by Christy Hardin Smith:
"What hangs in the balance is the fate of the nation — and it is time that we all started to tip the scales. And I’d like to talk about some ways that we can do just that…"

1. For many months now, I have advocated a hard, aggressive, indeed, a nasty approach. I've called it, from times of old, "getting down in the weeds". Finally, about a week ago, a fella...?Welsh?...wrote at fdl a lengthy article which essentially set forth in long, flowery language what I have advocated for quite some time. If you missed the article, I strongly encourage you to find it, and read it. If you did read the article, I strongly encourage you to go back and read it. The ONLY way to deal with these R teamers is to...get down in the weeds.

2. Let me educate all on another benefit of taking the offensive. It's called: Pressure. Whenever you attack, and carry the attack forward, you put the other side Under Pressure. (Indeed, there's even a R&R song, I'm terrible at song names and band names, but the refrain, the chorus goes "Under Pressure")

And when you put the enemy on their heels, they start to make mistakes. They REact, instead of taking the initiative. You put them, cue the music: Under Pressure. When you attack, and carry the attack forward, the enemy is confused. A mild but growing panic sets in. In the political context, the enemy now says and does things it otherwise wouldn't have. You've put the R team, cue the music: Under Pressure.

The R team will then say silly things which only further weakens their cause and their stance and their defenses. They are now: Under Pressure.

"Stunts" such as Harry closing the Senate months ago, or our recent Senate all-nighter, are NOT stunts at all. They are the purest form of surprise, deadly, and hard-hitting aggressive ATTACK. And "down in the weeds" as well. Each time, the R teamers gurgled in indignation, whined in a hissy fit, and did and said things they otherwise wouldn't have. The R teamers were: Under Pressure.

These are the tactics that must be used. Get used to being called names; get used to alot of whining, get used to MSM for a time, siding with the R teamers; get used to a roar of indignation. But pay them no attention.

Their volume of complaint only documents what they feel: Under Pressure. Keep up the attack. Do not let up, do not show mercy. Always keep these lizards where they deserve to be: Under Pressure. This is how you WIN."


Please click the links to take a look at the well-written, thoroughly linked piece. We DO need to go on the offense. The Repubs have, for far too long, commandeered a position of "superiority" when it comes to framing the arguments and making points and we've allowed this to happen. We need to remember that we too can frame the arguments and turn their tactics back on them, particularly by asking the right questions and using the facts and the truth. We're not playing "dirty" when honesty is our weapon. The truth hurts and we need to get these people where it hurts with THE TRUTH! We should remember this from our reading of Crashing the Gates, How Would A Patriot Act and 50 Simple Things You Can Do To Fight the Right.

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