06 February 2008

day after super-duper Tuesday

I was incredibly bummed when John Edwards dropped out of the presidential race. I remember reading it on the interweb when I got to work and saying out loud, "OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!"

It had taken me quite a while to decide who I was going to support and I really felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me. I was left again as undecided.

However as the days crept on, I started to do more research about my remaining options and finally decided that I could back Obama and not feel THAT bad about it.

I saw the will.i.am video on YouTube and was really impressed with it. In fact, it made me recall hearing that particular Obama speech the night he gave it after the New Hampshire primary. I remember laying in bed in the dark, listening very carefully to the radio and thinking how it was incredible, powerful and inspiring.

In case you hadn't seen/heard it, I'm sharing it with you here...

As of late yesterday I was still considering voting for Edwards in the primary. I wanted to vote with my conscience for the candidate I thought really most deserved it. However, after a terse/tense discussion with a friend I realized... I live in a "highly contested" state and my vote actually did matter. My conscience wouldn't have let me forgive myself if my one vote could have made the difference between Obama and HRC "winning". So I did end up voting with my conscience and voted for Obama. And even though he didn't "win" my state, I hope my vote made the difference in the amount of delegates he got out of the primary.

As an aside... I'm glad the "race" isn't over. If our presidential candidate can be decided this early on it almost seems pointless to have the rest of the primaries or the convention be as late in the year as it is. I'm pleased everyone else out there still has a say in what happens and I hope they're as excited as I am about how important that truly is.

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