13 March 2009

Walking vs. Driving

I like walking or riding my bicycle around where I live rather than driving my car. This becomes especially true during the summer, when the population of my little beach town can swell from roughly 4000 to roughly 30,000 residents. Let's just say that parking is at a premium and if you're lucky enough to find a spot, it's best to just not move your car. My friend Laura at Shore(house) Chic can relate!

During my recent trip to California we did a lot of walking and I loved it!
Day dreaming about my trip during my lunch break today I remembered this website. It's called Walk Score and you can find out the "walkability" of your neighborhood. My town scores rather well and depending on what address you type in, it scores between 78 and 93.

It's a pretty cool & fun tool to have at your finger tips. It might even come in handy the next time you plan a vacation and don't want to rent a car - it lists lots of nearby "attractions" like restaurants, food stores, movie theatres and other forms of community entertainment.

Have fun with it and have a VERY happy Friday!

PS - Hopefully this weekend I'll have photos and a post about my trip. Stay Tuned!!

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Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

You're damn straight I can!! We could not park in front of our house *this weekend.* We had no problems this time last year, so what up with that? What are we going to do in the summer? When the tent people come?!?

Speaking of...the auditorium concert schedule came out and it totally blows. You hope for one doozie in the mix, but nada.