30 July 2009

not much

I don't have much these days...
Sadly, I haven't taken a non work-related photo since last week. That's really, really pathetic actually.
However, I have been surfing most days. Sometimes twice a day - in the morning before work and then when I come home, before it gets dark. In between surf sessions, I'm commuting or at work. It doesn't leave time for much else. Therefor the fridge is getting bare and the laundry is piling up...
Tuesday night I did go to the movies with Christina. We saw the latest Harry Potter.
Otherwise, like I said, there's not a whole lot going on.
This weekend I'm determined to take some photos.
I shouldn't let so much time go by without at least one snap.
I'll see what I can squeeze in between more surfing. Gotta get the waves while they're here - I can do the rest when it's flat.

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jennyb said...

"I can do the rest when it's flat." that might just have to become my new montra!