17 August 2009


Friday, 21 August 2009 at The Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ there's a benefit show for Rich Cunningham - a New Brunswick music scene stalwart - and his family.

"Rich Cunningham formed Happy Days Records in 1995, releasing debut records by Hot Water Music and Ink & Dagger, as well as titles by Endeavor, Times Up, and Human Remains. In 2000 he formed New Labor, an alternative model of worker organization that combines new and existing strategies to improve working conditions and provide a voice for low-wage, young, immigrant workers in central New Jersey. In 2005 Rich was diagnosed with cancer and recently his battle has sadly taken a turn for the worse."

Lots of people have gotten involved in order to help raise money for this incredibly worthy cause. Endeavor has reunited for this one night and are playing with Lifetime at this very special event. The Bouncing Souls are doing an auction.

Through the 90s, Rich was an important and integral part of the burgeoning New Brunswick music scene - Please give a little back to someone who has given so much.

As soon as I have any info on where to send donations, I will post it.


Anonymous said...

There is a paypal account, that will go directly to the Cunninghams. You can click on send money, type in email: heatherette74@hotmail.com.

XO Brenda

j.cro said...

Thanks Bren!!!
I'll put that info up in the post itself.