19 January 2010

You've GOT to be KIDDING - right?!

First I read this - American Airlines Grounds Haiti Rescue Team's Medical Supplies.

Then I clicked a link in that story and read this - Haiti rescue team gets medical supplies on American flight, but without airline aid.

The gist - Some aid workers were trying to get a giant bag of medical supplies on an American Airlines flight and more than willing to pay the extra/over-sized baggage fee - but - BUT!! American Airlines WOULD NOT LET THEM!

This is what American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith had to say,
"Our temporary policy is certainly not designed to harm those seeking to take supplies in. But the reality is that Santo Domingo and the Dominican Republic is the only operating airport and area we serve that is relatively close-by to Haiti. Accordingly, our flights in and out of Santo Domingo are extremely full with passengers. As a passenger airline, with very full flights and the normal allowed complement of passenger’s checked bags, there is essentially no room on the aircraft for additional bags and supplies beyond the bags that every passenger is allowed.

Putting such supplies onboard and in the cargo hold could prevent other passengers from taking the luggage and bags they are entitled to. Supplies are best shipped through relief agencies with cargo planes or through one of the normal shipping services. This relief organization is not the only one which we have been unable to accommodate under the policy I described above."

Apparently Mr. Tim Smith wasn't in line when they were doling out the irony.
American Airlines should be ashamed of themselves. It's not like six aid workers showed up with golf clubs as their extra baggage - IT WAS MUCH NEEDED MEDICAL SUPPLIES.

I sincerely hope American Airlines reviews their policy and will allow future exceptions if similar cases present themselves during their embargo period. Otherwise - I think the next time I book a flight I'll do my damnedest NOT to fly with their airline.

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Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I guess nothing should surprise me but this is up there on the "SURPRISE!" scale. And...the fact that the spokesperson actually took time to craft a statement, had it vetted by management and lawyers (I'm assuming, but I think I'm right), and this is still the best they could come up with (and what they thought people would be OK with)...makes me think there could be some job openings at AA soon. At least they'll be doing their part to stimulate the economy.

Shame on you American Airlines.