09 July 2010

A new, exciting addition...

Well friends (all three of you that loyally read my blog), I've finally done it.
I created an Etsy shop!

Please wander by and check out the lovely photos I have for sale. I'd like to think they're quite affordable.

I need your help though... If you could PLEASE help a sister out by promoting my little Etsy store, I would be forever grateful.

Since I'm in school, I'm not not working at the moment and trying to do what I can to raise a little income. So maybe you could post a link to my store on your blog, or tell your other friends, family, co-workers.... I'll take any assistance you can offer.

I send you tons of gratitude.


JP said...

That's awesome!

j.cro said...

Thanks JP! I've made one sale so far. A very supportive friend bought something.