04 November 2008

my trip to vote

I voted. I voted. I voted.
I'm usually nervous, seeing how it's a big responsibility - but today I was giddy with excitement and anticipation.
I couldn't WAIT to get to there.
My husband and I got to our polling location some time around 7.30am.
Our district in our town has some of the lowest voter turn outs for any/all elections and I was happy to see that when we got there we were numbers 68 and 69. This is a big deal.
There are times when I get to my polling place at 7.30PM and I'm number 68 or 69 and that is pathetic.
This is an historic election and I hope everyone takes their opportunity to get out there and make themselves heard.
I direct you to my friend Shore House Chic - she hits the nail right on the head.

If you're (still) unsure of your polling place, please click here, here or here.

If you're concerned about voter's rights, please click here, here or here.

If you'd like to volunteer on election day, please click here or here.

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