11 November 2008

Our veterans deserve more

We should consider our Veterans at least once every day. Even if it's to merely read a headline about Iraq or Afghanistan and send a thought out their way. Today being Veteran's Day, it kind of reminds me Valentine's Day for the military.

What I mean by this is - once a year on a specific day we are rather expected to show love and affection for a significant other or partner - there is a lot of pressure and should be something done out of free will and generosity on ANY day rather than forced at a specific time.

I kind of consider Veteran's Day in the same manner.

So please send a kind thought out to universe in honor of our Veterans, if only for this one day.

Bob Geiger has more...

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Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

What a great post. Really, really GREAT.

What a WEEK! It's like I'm waiting to wake up from a dream. Yesterday (Vet's Day) I was wondering what was going on overseas with active troops...I've been trolling web sites looking for comments, etc. Some interesting thoughts, good and bad.

In any event, I couldn't agree more -- our veterans DO deserve more (what a GREAT HEADLINE!) and I'm still bummed (understatement) at the lack of focus on that.

p.s. Comment moderation password is "booyahp."

BOOYAH(p)! I'm so happy for our country. :-)