20 April 2009

birthday weekend

I'm going out on a limb and saying this might have been the best birthday weekend I've ever had. I got a starfish and uninterrupted time with my most favorite person in the world as gifts.


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Well aren't you just cute as a starfish yourself?!

GREAT photos! Looks like the perfect birthday weekend indeed. Next time I see you...celebratory cupcakes! :-)

Happy birthday my friend. :-)



aw that's cute for you! Now send me an email goddamnit!

Leigh said...

What a fantastic Birthday. Aww. Beautiful.

Happy Birthday :))

Tini said...

You deserve every second of happiness you receive! I love you my friend, happy birthday!

Fifi Flowers said...

BEAUTIFUL place... scary how those house are right on the ocean... I hope it was a HAPPY birthday!

Quail said...

Er, are those houses supposed to be that close to the water?

j.cro said...

Hi Quail!
No, they're not. That's what you get for building on a barrier island. Good luck to them in the next hurricane. I hope they're paid up on their insurance.