22 June 2008

happy summer

In honor of the first day of summer (which was Saturday the 21st) I made some summer-like dishes for supper.

The first is Cold Sesame Noodles and I got the recipe from here.
I swapped out the egg noodles for some rice pasta and next time I might cut out some of the vinegar. I also added a little extra garlic powder b/c it just needed something and you can't ever have too much garlic. The noodles are resting on some sliced English cucumbers for a little extra crunch.

My other dish was Steamed Mussels, and I got the recipe from here.
I used this recipe more as a guide just to get a general idea for how to make this dish. In fact, I used a whole small onion, sliced very thinly, I crushed and chopped a ton of garlic (WAY more than four cloves) and I used the little bit of left over freshly grated ginger from the noodles. I ended up using more like a cup of dry, white wine.

Everything turned out really nice and yummy.
Happy Summer!!

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