22 June 2008

i'm going backwards with my posts

Friday night, we went down to LBI for the opening of our friend Ann's new photo studio/office. We had a great time, saw some old friends and met some new people including Marley, who is pictured here, with his owner Neal standing behind him.
I also met the owners of a vegan/vegetarian restaurant on the Island called Living on the Veg. You can check out who they are & what they do here and here.

We heard at Ann's opening that there might be something going on at The Pine Surfshop & Gallery next weekend. It's possible that artist Julie Goldstein, who also happens to be one of the owners of Pine, is showing some new work.

Once I get more details, I'll post an update.

Both Ann and Julie are incredibly talented and amazing artists so please go check out the links to their work. Support local artists and their endeavors.

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