23 June 2008

i was tagged

And here are my answers:

Where were you ten years ago?
10 years ago I was starting my first photo editing job in NYC at the same Rupert Murdoch owned company as Shorehouse Chic (which is how we met, actually!!). At the time I was very excited to be working in the city and venturing forth in a new career. I got the axe a little later (2000), after the NETWORK came in and took over all the dot com entities. Myself and about 90% of staff were let go. So ten years ago, I was super excited to be commuting to NYC (imagine that?!?!) for my new job. HA!

Five items on your “To Do” list?

Well, I don’t exactly have a to do list today but if I were make one up it would go like this…
Wake up early to check the surf
Rush to get ready for work, fly out the door and up the Parkway to the bus
Commute to work on the bus
Do some work
Go to the doctor with my mother
Work some more
Commute home on the bus
Grill up the portabella mushrooms I’ve had marinating since yesterday morning
Go to bed

Snacks I enjoy?

CUPCAKES Рbut not the kind with too much butter cr̬me frosting.
Fresh summertime berries
Sliced green peppers and some tasty humus.
I do love me some guacamole
These new chips (well, new to me) that I’ve recently discovered. They come in flavors like Sweet Potato or Chocolate. I can’t remember the name or I’d put a link to them. Those are dangerous to keep in the house, I’ll tell you.
Christina's Cheesy Toast, particularly when I'm drunk.

What would you do if you were a billionaire?

I would worry a hell of a lot less about money.
Have more time... Which I would put to good use by - spending it with the people I love, surfing, exercising, doing yoga (so I can have a body like Madonna), cooking and baking.
Buy property in Hawaii and build my dream home/compound.
Give money to charity and my friends (which could be considered one in the same depending on which of my friends we're talking about).
Have a massage and acupuncture weekly.
Have the money to buy all the cameras I ever wanted and take all the photos I could and have the time/money to edit and print them.
Pay someone else to scan all my negatives and organize them for me.
Get a puppy, actually two puppies (and I already have their names picked out).
Only work because I wanted to, not because I HAD to.

Places I would live:
New Jersey
Southern Mainland Mexico, Pacific Coast side
Merriwether (near New Castle), NSW, Australia
(Notice the need to live near the ocean so I can surf?)

And now, I tag: Kid Cupcake and Whitney, they're some of the only people who read my blog that haven't already been tagged.

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