24 September 2009

Anniversary Weekend

We celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary September 18th.
It was a GREAT weekend! Filled with surfing, spending time with friends & family - good food and good times!
The weather was PERFECT and EXACTLY the same as the day we got married. I couldn't have asked for more - Well... except MANY more decades of life this good and better.

Kicking off Anniversary Weekend with a Youth Brigade show at The Lanes.

Lizzie - champagne & pizza

Miss Megan

Broomcakes & CPM

Look at this CAKE!!! (from L&M Bakery)

Mike and my sombrero

My love & Uncle Jim

Fly ladies


Thanks to everyone that made it and extra big thanks for all the help!
When I'm feeling less tired, I'll actually try to write something a little more descriptive about the whole weekend. Until then - See the rest of the photos here.
Much love to you all!

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Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Look at that CAKE! And your little surfers made a reprise. :-) Looks like a good time was had by all...I'll be there for the 20th for sure.