02 September 2009

That CA & NJ were somehow not so far apart

Stephanie & Sadie came to visit at the end of August. I hadn't seen them since March, when I went out to visit them in California. I can't believe how much Sadie has grown - she is walking, not crawling - and saying TONS of words. She's such a smart little thing, it blows my mind.

I picked Stephanie & Sadie up in Middletown Sunday afternoon, so they wouldn't have to be on the train so long. We drove on a road and passed a school with a really funny name.

It was really hot and humid the day they arrived, so we mostly just sat around the house and tried not to sweat. In the late afternoon, we went up to the beach where I surfed and Sadie and Stephanie played on the sand. We didn't eat dinner until SOOOOO late - first all the sand had to be washed off and food prepared. Nothing too fancy, just some pasta & sauce with some fresh Jersey tomatoes thrown in.

Monday we stopped by Kate's house before her next European adventure and then I took Stephanie for her first Wegmans experience. In the afternoon we hit the beach again for more surfing and running around.

Tuesday we made some Cantaloupe Soup in the morning (the recipe is from The Joy of Cooking) and then hit some stores, did a lot of walking around, hit the beach late in the day again and then took Stephanie and Sadie to Vic's for the first time. The food there is always delicious - Stephanie loved it and for the holidays I will try to overnight her some sauce. It's THAT good.

Wednesday was kind of sad, since we had to go to the airport and say à bientôt. Stephanie wrote about her time in on the Right Coast here. You can also see her photos of the visit by clicking this link. You can check out the rest of my photos of their visit by clicking here.

I wish Emeryville wasn't so far from Bradley Beach... (sigh)
Can't wait til the next visit!!!!


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

That last photo by the tele is super cute. And look at the mister...that, too, is super cute! :-)


I need a Nut Swamp t-shirt.......

Barb. said...

she is beautiful!