10 September 2009

The Health Care debate & moving forward

Firedoglake is one of my favorite blogs and there is a really great post by Lane Hudson about President Obama's speech on the health care reform debate and how to move forward.

One of the (many) notable graphs from this story is the following:

The bottom line is insurance companies don't care, Democrats have a real mandate, Republicans won't support anything, and it's time to flex some muscle. Before the discussion even began in earnest, insurance companies already won when a single payer plan was replaced with a goal of universal coverage. Let me say what no one is saying:

"- Health insurance companies are corporations with a fiduciary responsibility to earn a profit for its shareholders.

- They do not have a legal responsibility to provide medical care.

- Yet, health insurance companies are the primary means of access to medical care for Americans.

- All of the above points to a system that is badly broken."

The story makes many other good points and I urge you to read it. We need some meaningful reform and we need it NOW. The Dems have enough votes to pass a good bill without any help from the Republicans, who have proven since the day Obama took office, they are in this only to help themselves - no matter what.

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